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OTOÑO DTG; de Fuenteguinaldo a Jerez
Sensual II PRE calificado
Velero XI PRE calificado
Ucles II - PRE Calificado
Sanador - PRE Calificado
Mejor lote de yeguas PRE

The Stud

Past, Present, Future

It is already a century old, our horses have gone through different owners, but always managed and maintaining the genetic heritage by the Torrens family.

In the late nineteenth our ancestor Victor Torrens toured the Castilla plains with mares and horses of Andalucia. His passion for the horses led him always to ask the ownership of mares like compensation for their services with the landowner of the time.

For two generations, his son Domingo Torrens and grandson Abraham Torrens shared this passion for horses, developed the same work in the pastures remained in charge of Salamanca farming fundamentally Conde de Montarco, who in the 50's years buys a lot of mares to the Torrens family, thus contributing to the origin of which later became the main stud Salamanca between 70 and 90 being in charge of it, for 60 years, Abraham Torrens.

With the entry of the new century is his son Domingo Torrens, current owner of the stud, which again takes two lots of mares D. Eduardo de Rojas (Conde de Montarco) and Ms Ana de Rojas, becoming the principal owner of breeding mares with "El hierro de Sageras y Alcazaren S.A." Returning to the origins and linking well with the story after 60 years.

Defining a new production and the concerns of a new generation dedicated to the Pure Spanish Horse.

Torrens Galan Stud prints the quality label on its products with the initials "DTG".

Since 2003, the stallions selection is performed throughout the country, using the most advanced techniques of insemination for continuous improvement of livestock.

The Torrens Galan animals graze freely in the meadows of Salamanca, adaptation to this environment provides adequate development and progressive growth until the age of three years beginning dressage so get the best therapy to prevent diseases and injury.

Products adapted to environmental conditions, horses and mares live longer guarantee a high level of competitiveness in the course of his life.