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OTOÑO DTG; de Fuenteguinaldo a Jerez
Sensual II PRE calificado
Velero XI PRE calificado
Ucles II - PRE Calificado
Sanador - PRE Calificado
Mejor lote de yeguas PRE

Origins of our Mares

In the Yeguada Torrens Galan, the Genetics is one of the fundamental pillars of the productions. Currently, 90% of mares have the Military Stud "Orfebre" among his direct ancestors in addition to the great names of the stud as Agente, Gorron, Maluso and Lebrijano III, other stud have improved the breed (Bocao, Cardenas, Lovera, Granda...).

Between maternal origins include above all is the mare called Usada 1956 of the Yeguada Militar, mother of a large number of prominent stallions and Untada the Daza source most of our mares.

The result, mares and especially beautiful and functional morphology, equipped for racing and the most demanding competitions.

Special Mention: Orfebre (1973 - 1991)

Extraordinary stallion is among the highlights of the history of PRE.

Orfebre, belonging to Alcal de Henares' Stallions Deposit, eight years old, was selected among more than 50 horses, by Abraham Torrens, to start the mating of Stud Sageras and Alcazaren property of "The Count of Montarco" in February 1982, covering the estate of Sageras of the Bulls (Fuenteguinaldo) until 1985.

These are the first-year stay in Salamanca and of course the first mating. The first daughter (Honduras) was acquired by the Stud Torrens Galan to preserve the origins and refound livestock.

No doubt it was a very special horse to its beauty, functionality and morphology expression aunaba an exceptional nature that have made unforgettable for all who knew him and handle.